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martes, 10 de julio de 2012

Burning Bridges - eARC review

Title: Burning Bridges
Author: Nadège Richards
# of pages: 300
Kind of book: eARC
Expected release date: 14 of jul
Publisher: Nadège Richards

** spoiler alert ** First I'd like to thank Nadège for giving me the opportunity to have the eARC.

I'll start talking about the cover change, I love BOTH of them, yet I think the first one suits the book better, in my opinion it gives of the sense of Echo as the character the book describes, what I like about the second one is the detail of the Bleeding Heart necklace, I really love that.

Now getting to what really is important:

This is the first book I've ever read by an indie author and I must say that I'm really happy about it, I got to read a beautiful yet tragic story written in a very talented way.

The story of Ayden and Echo makes you feel every single thing the characters are experimenting, I found myself lost in Echo's sad life, being a princess is not who she is or what she wanted yet she does it to please her kingdom and more importantly, her father. 

In the other side, there's Ayden, a boy whose life has always been about taking care of his siblings and mother while his father drowns himself in alcohol.

Two character that could never have thought they had something in common yet they find comfort in each other, and that's what really loved, they couldn't be more different but they're perfect for each other.

This is a very well written novel, one I'm sure I'll purchase once the paperback version is released, I'm definitely dying to read the next book and see what'll happen with these starcrossed lover.

Congratulations Nadège Richards, you're an awesome author and I know you will be very successful.

I kn0w I've been completely lost, I wanted to let you know I'll be back with reviews but they'll be in english, I made this decision because most of the books I read are in that language so it's more comfortable for me.

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